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Liink is the software solution for the construction industry. Liink provides vital safety, production and construction collaboration between builders, subcontractors, and suppliers.

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Safety Liink
Notify your assigned job's Subcontractors that they have outstanding inductions prior to when they are due on site.
Notify your assigned job's subcontractors that they have to fill in a SSRA each day they are expected on site.
Track and notify subcontractors of statutory requirements that have expired or require review.
Facilitates the collection and approval of all your subcontractors statutory requirements in a centralised location.
Enforce additional safety documentation depending on your industry and interpretation of corresponding legislation.
Production Liink
Setup job activities and assign them to your subcontractors, giving them access to the most recent and up to date documentation for your jobs.
Restrict access to certain documents based on the industry categories worked by your subcontractors.
View the availability of your subcontractors to perform your job activities.
OnSite Companion Liink
Seamless integration with OnSite Companion
  • Overall safety compliance documentation
  • Job details, activities & job documents
  • Job activity progress updates & photos
  • Inductions & SSRA’s

Create the Liink for

Safety Liink
Be notified of required site inductions prior to starting work.
Be reminded to fill out your SSRA each day you're expected on site
Notify your principal contractors when there have been updates or changes made to your safety compliance.
Manage all of your safety compliance in one central location and to make this available to every principal contractor your linked too.
Take photos of any safety documentation and upload it, or upload it directly from your computer.
Easily instruct staff to sign off all necessary staff safety compliance directly.
Allows your principal contractors access to any and all necessary safety documentation and requirements.
Production Liink
Completely usable and accessible from anywhere and on any mobile or computing device.
Allows you to electronically accept work from your principal contractors.
Allows you to manage and assign your employees or other subcontractors to work that has been assigned to you, giving transparency to the principal contractor of who is on their sites.
Give your assigned employees a centralised platform to access their work allocation and the latest site documentation provided by your principal contractor.
Allows you to give progress updates and send progress photos straight to your principal contractor.
Allow your principal contractors to see your availability to perform activities.

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Providing vital production and construction communication between builders, subcontractors and suppliers. Also allows you to process safety in accordance with legislation or builders interpretation.

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Pricing Structure

Month to Month Subscription
A single monthly fee that provides access for all your employees with unlimited jobs. This amount excludes GST.
Automatically billed each month in advance.
You'll be able to access the system for the time remaining in your paid month.
Annual Subscription
A single annual fee that provides access for all your employees with unlimited jobs. This amount excludes GST.
You get one month free by subscribing for a year.
Automatically billed each year in advance.
You'll be able to access the system for the time remaining in your paid year.

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